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ProLock is an expert at supplying special cable ties that meet all your needs such as nylon ties , stainless steel cable ties (grade  316), stainless steel lock head cables, Hook&Loop, releasable Cable Tie And other types of cable ties. ProLock has recently introduced new products to answer more customers’ problems, such as heat shrinkable tubes, cable clamps, cable clips, and standard-size plastic anchors.

At ProLock, there are a wide range of sizes including length and width, which means that any job that needs cable ties will always have at least one prolock product  ProLock that can always meet the needs. The wider the cable, the stronger it is. There are many functions that can be used in many businesses and light and heavy industries. Cable ties are also made of a variety of materials, available in a variety of colors, varying depending on the application and preference, from bright to dark colors such as red, yellow, green, blue or black. Using different colors makes categorizing easier and clearer, such as:  Fasten each wire to separate the cables that need to be repaired. Replacement cables or cables that need to be cut off.  In addition to using colors to identify the type, double-lock cable tyres, ,  flat head cables 2-head cable ties, cable ties, UV lights, or screw clamps are also colorful for aesthetics.

ProLock is available for a 1-day delivery or the next day delivered and ready-to-use on site.  In addition, convenient and quick. You can save money and save up to  1 hour or more.  From the trip to the shop.  This means that the time you can work more efficiently.  ProLock’s sales and customer service is available and find the best solution for you.

Prolock cableties

Cable Tie History

Cable tie was first invented by an electric company.  Designed to store the aircraft’s wiring.   The initial model used metal to produce rather than nylon, but nowadays it is very popular and widely used. It’s very affordable. It can be called in many names as well, such as zip tyres, straps, shrimp tentacles, cord fasteners, nylon zippers, or cord belts.

Why Cable Ties?

Cable Tire is small and handy Because it is very useful, more than you can think of I believe ” cable ties”  is easy to use by name, that tidy cables. Usually, we often use cable tires for organizing wires. It is common to use a durable nylon cable tie and a built-in gear rack. When the other end is inserted into a loop, it is tightly locked and cannot be pulled back. This type of strap cannot be loosened for reuse (there is also a cable tie that is fastened and loosened. This is more convenient and economical because it can be reused.  Some straps are often used to fasten certain items temporarily or to items that need to be released, such as from work to home.) The highlight of cable tyres is that tightly fastened, divided and stored in order, so it is widely used around the world. In a variety of electrical appliances, in a variety of industries, from home, construction, or even arrest.


There are many professions where cable ties are needed all the time, as cables and wires have become a part of a busy life, and it’s undeniable that our daily lives are often associated with almost any kind of wires. The more appliances we need, the better. Organizing the wires is essential and important!

Of course, cable and wiring manufacturers or electrical equipment manufacturers, including electronic devices, It’s always easy to understand and organize the wires into place using a simple lobby system, which, despite the fact that it’s messy at first, makes it easier to control everything because the cable straps are available for a wide range of applications and are suitable for all types of applications, including cable harnesses or specially designed conduits to organize cables. In addition to the impressive lyrical beauty, the hotel also offers a wide 100% to Using cable ties can also help to classify cables professionally, regardless of which cable can be used for the purpose.

Each branch of wiring system has a cable tie used and different specialty.  Electricians use cable ties to separate the wires into groups, as cable tyres can be used in a variety of applications, which are suitable for managing all kinds of wires, including organizing the wires neatly.  Outdoor Use Construction or indoor work, convenient and fast use.  Or even use it as a temporary handcuff to capture suspects.

With all-around benefits at affordable prices. This makes cable ties a pocket tool for everyone.  In all situations, such as appliance repairman,  A car mechanic or internet installer would love to use it.  Most often, they use white or black cable ties, but if you want a different color, just say, they can find it.



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