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Started imported and distributed by Mr. Herve Bergmans For more than
10 years of experience in this business  since he started exporting cable ties from China to the U.S. market in  2004, he sees an opportunity to broaden his customer base and decides to try to import the first cable tyre into its normal size, which, despite the initial sales, makes the prolock cable brand less well known, using the marketing technique to reassure customers through the ‘Warranty Standard Products Waste or Defective Products’ campaign. ProLock  is more well-known and ready to expand into a stable business.

ProLock   HBEC (Thailand) has been a great place to stay for the best quality of its products. Import & Distribution of Cable Tires Under high quality brands  As a result, HBEC has reduced the cost of marketing and distribution of ProLock  at the lowest price on the market and stored the goods at ladkrabang warehouse. To be ready to distribute products to all over the country. Customers can purchase both retail and delivery from  1 bag to the required number of crates (terms and conditions under the agreement), which customers can purchase and receive immediately on the page. We will also provide you with special services. Customers can also inquire about the type and style of the goods, as well as  OEM service.

Contact customer service to get the best deal!  02-060-2662

ProLock cable ties, assured quality and impressive service


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