Prolock Security Seal

     Prolock security seal are the perfect solution for transportation industries such as, cargo ships,  trucks or aircrafts. The security seal can easily be applied by simply inserting the tail through the lock with the item code provided on the head for identification. This is to keep containers or packages locked and secured against tamper. The seals design is a single use after insertion a tool is needed to break seal.


Prolock security seal are made of Nylon 66 this makes the product corrosion and aging resistant. The seal’s working temperature ranges from -40°C to 85°. The max bundle diameter is available from 50 to 80 mm. The security seal available sizes ranges from 220 to 350 mm in length, the  2.1 to 7.5 mm in width. Prolock security seal are available in three different colors orange, yellow, white. ProLock security seal are sold in bags of 20 pieces per bag.

ProLock Security Seal             



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