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Prolock handcuff cable tie offers a solution for police or law enforcement to restrain the suspect, for example, riots, suspects, criminals, etc. All you need to do is secure the suspect’s hands and wrap the cable tie around them. Because it is so easy to use, cable ties are a preferred security tool because you don’t have to spend a lot of time fumbling with them or letting a suspect getaway because you couldn’t successfully apprehend him or her. Several handcuffs can be carried with you as they are much lighter than metal handcuffs. They are too strong to be broken with any kind of arm movement. These cuffs usually come in the form of a single cable tie around both wrists and with two interlocking straps. These cuffs are ultra-cheap, light weight, great for use in riot control situations or where many arrests will be made, and they are disposable. These one-time use cuffs help reduce the risk of infection through blood or body fluids as there is no worry about whether they’ve been properly cleaned from their last use.


Prolock handcuff cable ties are made of Nylon 6.6 this material helps the product to be fire and aging resistant. The handcuff’s tensile strength can hold up to 114 kgs. Working temperature ranges from -40C to 85C. Prolock handcuff cable tie’s length is 9 CM (36”). The cuff is only available in black that can much better withstand direct UV exposure for outdoor applications. Prolock handcuff cable ties are sold in bags of 100 pieces.


– (MATERIAL): NYLON 6.6, 94V-2


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