Pro-Lock RELEASABLE Cable-Ties (Black/White)

Pro-Lock releasable cable ties are as simple as they look and quick to release even with only one hand. They are perfect for applications where cable ties need to be opened and closed repeatedly. Pro-Lock releasable cable-ties can be used in many types of industry such as aerospace industry, shipbuilding, automotive industry, wind energy, and agro/food industry but also telecommunication companies. Wherever frequent adjustments need to be made the releasable ties come handy. Even for home applications you can remove and relocate many times. Think of wire managements for your TV or sound system but also in the garden for a garden hose or an extension cable for your lawnmower.


The trigger release mechanism holds everything together tightly. The strength of Pro-Lock releasable ties allows several uses with wires or cables. Easily released just by a push lever on the cable tie’s head. The releasable ties are available in several sizes ranging from 15 to 40 cm ( 8” to 16”) in length and 4.8 mm to 7.6 mm in width. The tensile strength varies from 6.5 kgs up to 80 kgs (depending on the width of the tie). Made from nylon 66, the ties are corrosion resistant and durable to aging and able withstanding working temperature from -40 ℃ up to 80 ℃. Natural white is best used for indoor applications whereas black is more suitable for outdoor uses as they are more durable to sustain in UV light than natural white. For highest UV protection UV stabilizer agents can be added to the product (terms and conditions apply). Pro-Lock releasable cable-ties are sold in packs of 100 pieces per bag, but this can be adjusted to customer requirement (terms and conditions apply).

ProLock Releasable Cable ties (Blue)

ProLock releasable cable ties can be released even after tightened simply with a release trigger. Specifically designed for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The detectable blue color assists in visual recognition and also reduces the risk of contamination. The ties can be applied for temporary sealing food bags, medical supplies and chemical containers that need to be (frequently) reopened.


Blue releasable cable tie sizes are only available from stock in the size 7.6 x 300 mm, with a maximum bundling of 75 mm diameter. The cable tie can hold up to 22 Kgs. The tie can withstand working temperature ranging from -40° up to 85°.

General purpose releasable cable ties are also available in black or white color.

All are packed per 100 pieces per bag. For different packing requirements please contact one of our sales staff.

Other standard colors are also possible (red, yellow, green, MOQ 250 bags) but with longer delivery time. Our sales staff can help you out, just drop us a line.

-(MATERIAL): NYLON 6.6, 94V-2


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