Prolock self-locking cable ties / UV Cable Ties

Pro-Lock self-locking cable-ties can be used for binding electrical wires, hoses, etc. Pro-Lock self-locking cable-ties provides cable organizing and variety of uses in heavy industrial uses. Pro-Lock self-locking cable-ties are available in two different colors Natural white best used for indoor and Black UV that are perfect for outdoor.


Pro-Lock self-locking cable-ties is the most common cable tie in the industry. Designed to only get tighter and tighter after fastening and is made from nylon66 and is corrosion resistant and is durable to aging. Being able withstanding working temperature from -40℃ to 85℃. Self-locking cable tie can almost be applied in every industry. Such as electronic factory, offices and can also be applied in agricultural field. Most importantly it is easy to ap­ply without needed much insertion to tighten. Pro-Lock self-locking cable-ties are a one-piece design allows consistent performance and reliability. This product offers a solution for cable managements with the maximum tensile strength of 6.5kgs to 80kgs (different sizes provide with greater strength). And is available in various lengths from 10 to 155 cm ( 4” to 61”) and available in different widths range from 1.8mm to 9mm. Natural white cable ties are best used for indoor uses. And UV Black is recommended for outdoor and indoor uses and is also able to resist Ultraviolet light better than natural white. Pro-Lock self-locking cable-ties is sold in a pack of 100 and 50 pieces per bag.

Prolock self-locking cable ties
– Material (MATERIAL): NYLON 6.6, 94V-2
– Working Temperature: -40C to 85C


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