Prolock mountable head ties

          Prolock mountable head ties offer a perfect solution for cable management with guarantee performance and reliability for your workplace and your home. This product can be used in many applications such as telecommunication, switchboard, solar and wind energy, shipbuilding to mention a few. Prolock mountable head ties can be used for a variety of applications such as hanging your cables on panels/consoles, this is to help keep wires in place and to prevent damages to the wires or any nearby objects.  They are an excellent solution for routing cables and wires where holes can be drilled on the mounting surface.


The reinforced ribs between the screw mount and cable tie head provide additional strength for added bundle stability and security. Prolock mountable head ties are made of nylon 66 that is corrosion resistant and is durable to aging. This product is useful for not only it bundles up your wires but also guarantees tight and secure protection for your wires. Prolock mountable head ties workable temperature ranges from -40℃ to 85℃.  Prolock mountable head ties are a one-piece design this makes the product more durable with a tensile strength from 18kgs up to 55kgs (different sizes provide greater strength). Prolock mountable head ties are available in different sizes from 17 to 37 cm (6.7” to 14.6”) in length and 3.6 mm to 7.6 mm in width. Prolock mountable head ties are available in two colors: natural white, best for indoor application, and UV black that can much better withstand direct UV exposure. Prolock mountable head ties are sold in bags of 100 or 30 pieces per bag.

-(MATERIAL): NYLON 6.6, 94V-2


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