Push mount cable ties

Prolock push mount cable tie offers a solution for electrical cable management. This cable tie can be applied in many industries such as the aerospace industry, shipbuilding, automotive industry, wind energy, but also telecommunication companies. The push mount cable tie comes in handy for workspaces that wires need to be hung on walls or panels. This can also be applied for home application, for example, your TV or sound system this helps by bundling up wires and fixing them on to perforated panels as desired.


          Prolock push mount cable tie is made of nylon 66 this makes the cable tie corrosion and aging resistant. The products arrowhead design is to lock the tie in place with supporting legs that provide security and firm fixing in areas where space is limited. Prolock push mount cable tie working temperature ranges from -40C to 85C. Prolock push mount cable tie is available in many sizes from 10 to 20 cm (4”to 8”) in length and 2.5 mm. to 4.8 mm. in width. Prolock push mount cable tie tensile strength can hold up from 8 kgs. to 22 kgs. The arrowhead is easily inserted on to metal, plastic and wood panels with thickness ranging from 2.3 mm to 3.2 mm.  Prolock push mount cable ties are as regular stock item only available in natural white, which is best for indoor application. Prolock push mount cable ties are sold in bags of 100 or 30 pieces per bag.

-(MATERIAL): NYLON 6.6, 94V-2


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