Prolock self-adhesive, screw fixing cable tie mount

          Prolock self-adhesive, screw fixing  cable tie mount both items offer solutions for limited workspaces. The self-adhesive cable tie mount becomes handy if use of holes, screws, or nuts and bolts is impractical. For high vibration workplaces we recommend the screw fixing cable tie mount, simply install with bolt or screw on to panels or walls for extra gripping power. This can be applied many places for example, Cargo ships, Industrial vehicles, Construction sites, etc.


           Prolock self-adhesive, screw fixing cable tie mount are made of Nylon 66 this makes the product corrosion and aging resistant. The mount is a 2-way mounting base for safe guiding of cables and conduits. Sizes are available from   20 X 20 to 40 X 40 mm (Length X Width). 2.9 mm to 4.5 mm for height. For screw fixing cable tie mount the screw hole ranges from 2.9 mm to 4.5 mm. Prolock self-adhesive, screw fixing cable tie mount are available in two colors: natural white, best for indoor application and UV black that can much better withstand direct UV exposure for outdoor application. This is sold in bags of 100 or 20 pieces per bag.

-(MATERIAL): Nylon 6.6, 94V-2 (Including Glue Pad)


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