ProLock Circle Cable Clips

     ProLock circle cable clips are perfect solutions for mounting wires whether on walls, panels, etc. The circle cable clips with metal nails are used for indoor wiring fixing, a variety of family wires, office wires and various telephone lines. Some big size circle cable clips are applied for fixing cable pipes, water pipes and so on. These circle cable clips are tiny and good looking, making the environment neater and more orderly, and the wire will not appear the phenomena of a mess, but convenient and practical. This product can be used in many industries for example, telecommunication industry, ship building etc. For home applications can also be applied with the clips for TV wires, home stereos.


     ProLock circle cable clips are made of PE this makes the product durable, non-toxic, moisture-resistant and chemical resistant. The cable clips sizes are (0.6CM in diameter) and (0.8CM in height) the nail’s size is (0.18CM). ProLock circle cable clips only has black color now. The plugs are sold in bags of 50pcs

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